Maximum Weekly Unemployment Insurance Benefits Increase $18, Effective Oct. 7

Emily Archacki
September 19, 2018 - 1:34 pm

FARMINGTON, Conn. (WTIC) The State Labor Department will be issuing a new unemployment insurance benefit rate beginning Oct. 7.

The maximum weekly benefit for new claims will increase by $18, resulting in a total benefit of $631. Connecticut law provides up to 26 weeks of unemployment insurance.

During a 12-month period ending Aug. 31, 2018, claimants received on average 17.3 weeks of compensation and insurance benefits for the unemployed averaged $392 a week.

Those who have already filed a claim and have been collecting unemployment benefits will not be affected by this new rate.

Additionally, the weekly dependency allowance rate for each dependent will remain unchanged. Those numbers will hold steady at $15 per dependent with a maximum benefit of $75.

By looking at the average wages of all Connecticut workers from April 2017 through March 2018, the new maximum weekly unemployment benefit was calculated. The Connecticut Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages determined the average wage during that time was $1,289.98 per week.