Former Gas Station Manager Sentenced To Jail For Larceny

January 15, 2020 - 10:50 pm

Photo Credit: Vladimir Cetinski / iStock / Getty Images Plus


STAMFORD, Conn. (AP) — A Connecticut woman accused of stealing more than $100,000 when she was the manager at a convenience store was sentenced to five years in jail.

Julienne Julmeus, 25, of Stamford, was arrested and sentenced Tuesday after failing to show in court and pay back the “substantial” amount of money she owed, the Stamford Advocate reported.

The mother of one pleaded guilty to a first-degree larceny charge with the understanding that she could get probation if she returned to court with some of the money she had stole and a plan to pay back the rest to her boss at the Sheephill Mobil gas station.

Julmeus was the manager at the station from 2015 to 2016, where officials said she was stealing up to $17,000 per month.

Judge Gary White asked Julmeus on Tuesday if she had came to court with any money, to which her attorney, Howard Ehring, said she did not.

Ehring said Julmeus had used the stolen money to pay back her husband’s gambling debts, send money to her family in Haiti and pay medical bills for her son.

“I take no pleasure in incarcerating you ma’am,” White said. “I would prefer not to. And I feel sympathy to your children. At the same time, you stole over $100,000 from a business you worked for and those people trusted you. They were hurt by it.”

White also sentenced Julmeus to five years of probation, where she would be made to pay back the money she owes.