Lamont To Appear At Weekend Forum On Transportation Plan

January 06, 2020 - 3:22 pm

Governor Ned Lamont announces his 10-year, 21-billion dollar transportation plan. Photo by WTIC's Matt Dwyer.

WESTPORT, Conn. (AP) - Gov. Ned Lamont is scheduled to appear at a public
meeting this weekend to discuss his proposed transportation plan, which could
include highway tolls.

The town hall-style meeting is planned for Sunday at a school in Westport,
where the Democratic governor is expected to be joined by Transportation
Commissioner Joseph Giulietti. It will be hosted by state Sen. Will Haskell and
state Rep. Jonathan Steinberg, both Democrats.

A transportation forum that originally was planned for Tuesday evening in
Westport had been postponed.

``Improving our infrastructure is a top concern for my district. That's why I'm
so excited to host Governor Lamont and leaders from his administration to hear
directly from my constituents at this town hall meeting,'' Haskell said. ``After
finally finding a date to work around busy schedules, I hope constituents of all
political opinions will come to share their thoughts on how we should build
faster trains and safer roads.``

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