Orange Police Officer Hit by SUV, Suffers Leg Injuries

Matt Dwyer
October 11, 2019 - 5:13 am

(WTIC-AM) -- A police officer was struck by an S-U-V in Orange last night. 

The officer was on Marsh Hill Road, walking towards a vehicle that was emitting smoke in the center lane.  A Nissan Rogue struck him, causing injuries to his legs. 

"Keep our officers' health in our prayers and hopefully he will be okay," said Assistant Police Chief Max Martins.

Martins said sometimes motor vehicle crashes can be as dangerous as an encounter with an armed assailant. 

When it is night time, and the strobes and lights come into play, sometimes it is diffuclt to see out there, so we ask everybody always to be careful.

State law requires drivers to pull over a lane when approaching an emergency vehicle.

The officer was awake when he was taken to the hospital.  He is expected to survive. 

Three people who were in the smokey vehicle are okay.  

The driver of the vehicle that hit the officer stopped at the scene, and is cooperating with the police investigation.