Teen Sentenced For Illegally Making and Selling Guns

October 09, 2019 - 9:04 am

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — A Connecticut man is facing 18 months behind bars after pleading guilty to one count of dealing firearms without a license.

In addition to prison time, 19-year-old Mohammadreza Kamali of Willimantic will be supervised for three years after his release for illegally manufacturing and selling firearms. Court documents show he built and sold four AR-15-style weapons, ordering the parts on the internet and selling the completed weapons to an undercover Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agent.

The investigation was handled by ATF and the Willimantic Police Department, which learned he was offering to sell firearms to individuals in Connecticut.

Kamali was arrested in November of 2018 and pleaded guilty in April. He's currently free on a $50,000 bond and is expected to report to prison Oct. 30.