Guardsmen Serve Stateside In Storm Cleanup, Prepare For Assistance Overseas

Emily Archacki
September 17, 2018 - 2:47 pm

FARMINGTON, Conn. (WTIC) A send-off ceremony is being held at the State Armory on Monday evening for members of the Connecticut Army National Guard that are preparing to be deployed to Afghanistan.

40 guardsmen from the 192nd Engineer Battalion, based in Stratford, will serve overseas and complete tasks such as route clearing.

“The 192nd Engineers deployed about five years ago in support of operations in Southwest Asia. But make no mistake this is a highly-specialized, highly-trained unit,” said Major Mike Petersen, Connecticut Army National Guard Spokesman. “Just because the unit didn’t deploy doesn’t mean that members that are going overseas haven’t deployed since. They are seasoned veterans and experts in their craft.”

In addition to serving abroad, the unit has also helped stateside as recently as this past May. Removing fallen trees and debris in the state after strong storms and tornadoes struck.

“They were an integral part in getting down to a few of the towns to help make some of the roads passable. So that electrical crews, first responders and government officials could get through to people that were essentially cut off from being able to use the roads,” said Major Petersen.

The deployment is scheduled to last about a year. This will bring the total number of members of the Connecticut National Guard, Army and Air, currently deployed to 200.