Migrant Children Case Continues Next Week in Bridgeport Federal Court

Emily Archacki
July 12, 2018 - 10:49 am

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (WTIC) – After hearing arguments on Wednesday on whether or not migrant children should be reunited with their parents who brought them to the United States illegally, a federal judge in Bridgeport has decided to continue the case next week.

Two migrant children, a 14-year-old girl from El Salvador and a 9-year-old boy from Honduras, are currently being cared for at a Noank social service agency.

Lawyers for the children argue they are suffering from post-traumatic stress.

The girl heard gunshots when her step-father was murdered while she was in church in El Salvador. The boy saw one of his grandparents dumped into a river with a neck wound. He also witnessed a body with machete wounds dumped in his family’s yard in Honduras.

“It is harrowing to see what these children have been through. Immediate relief with their families is the definitive intervention that we need to do expeditiously,” said Dr. Andres Martin with the Yale Child Studies Center.

The parents of the children are currently being detained in Texas.

The federal judge has been asked to order their immediate reunification. The government argues a Connecticut judge lacks the authority to order the parents and children released since another court is already overseeing the reunification of all 3,000 migrant children separated from their families.

An attorney from the government told the federal judge that the U.S. attorney needs time to bring about reunification.

The children were initially separated from their parents under President Donald Trump’s administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy.