Lawmakers Hold Hearing On Crisis Pregnancy Centers Bill

Bill Sencio
February 11, 2019 - 4:13 pm


HARTFORD, Conn. (WTIC) - State lawmakers are hearing testimony on a bill that would regulate the advertising practices of so-called crisis pregnancy centers. 

The measure would ban false or misleading advertising about the services the faith-based centers provide. 

Melissa Lin Monte, Medical Director at New London's Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center, told lawmakers that her offices provide pregnancy tests, tests for STDs and ultrasounds, and even answer questions about abortion, though they do not provide the service. 

"We believe in fighting for the life of the unborn who have no voice," she said. "Just as doctors fight to save the lives of babies that are born prematurely."

Democratic Representative Liz Linehan, who supports the bill, says pregnant women who need timely information about their options won't get it at faith-based centers. She claims some centers attempt to "run out the clock" until late enough in a woman's pregnancy that abortion is no longer an option, while others engage in more overt misleading practices. 

"For example, a center in Hartford was strategically placed next to an independent abortion provider and had a similar name, in order to confuse potential patients." 

The bill under discussion is a more limited version of a similar ordinance that Hartford officials began enforcing last year.