WTIC's Will Purcell

Aviation Workers Picket at Bradley Airport to Highlight Safety Issues during Shutdown

January 24, 2019 - 10:12 pm

Hartford, Conn. (WTIC) - Aviation safety specialists held an informational picket at Bradley International Airport on Thursday to alert the public of possible safety issues, as the federal government shutdown continues its record pace.

Thursday marked the 34th day of the shutdown and at the end of this week, federal workers are facing another missed paycheck.

During the informational picket, members of the Professional Aviation Safety Specialists (PASS) handed out leaflets that explained the important aviation-safety related work performed at the FAA.

There was also a call on the public to put pressure on lawmakers to end the shutdown, as technicians and aviation safety inspectors throughout New England are furloughed or working without pay.

PASS has represented more than 11,000 employees of the Federal Aviation Administration and Department of Defense since 1977.  

These employees install, maintain, support and certify air traffic control and national defense equipment, inspect/oversee the commercial and general aviation industries, develop flight procedures and perform quality analyses of aviation systems used in air traffic control and national defense nationwide and abroad.

Members of the informational picket called on lawmakers to end the political stalemate in Washington, as many workers have picked up a second job, while others have taken out loans to make ends meet during the record shutdown.