Business Association: Corporate Leaders Anxious About Connecticut Business Climate

Matt Dwyer
September 06, 2018 - 1:05 pm

(WTIC-AM) -- The Connecticut Business and Industry Association says its members are anxious about the state's business climate. 

The CBIA says its annual survey of Connecticut businesses found that 85 percent of corporate leaders expect economic growth on the national level, but only 18 percent expect growth in Connecticut.  

Businesspeople worry about the cost of operating in Connecticut, while they like the state's proximity to customers in New York and Boston.  

About half of them expect the state's economy to remain unchanged.  

The business group says corporate leaders mostly disapprove of the General Assembly, with most saying their local state lawmakers fail to understand their needs of their business.  

They want cuts to government spending, a focus on the state's business climate, and and they want to reign in the state employees' retirement system.