Coalition Opposes Federal Pot Banking Bill

John Silva
November 12, 2019 - 12:24 pm

(Hartford, Conn./WTIC) - Passage of a bill in Congress that would allow the recreational marijuana industry access to banking and investment has a coaltion from connecticut concerned.  

They say amid the vaping crisis, it sends the wrong message.  

The Secure and Fair Enforcement--"SAFE"-- banking act would allow banks to work with marijuana producers and cannabis shops in those states that allow recreational pot.  

Proponents say the bill goes a long way toward transparency within the industry.  

However, the group of state lawmakers, clergy and other concerned citizens say in light of the recent crisis of illnesses and deaths linked to e-cigarette use, banking access would exacerbate those issues.  

The group is lobbying senators richard blumenthal and chris murphy to opposed the measure when it comes to a vote in the senate.