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Connecticut Department of Transportation Prepares for First Snow of Season

November 14, 2018 - 9:34 pm

Hartford, Conn. - New England is expecting snow for the first time this season, as the Connecticut Department of Transportation is preparing roads statewide for the inclement weather with pretreatment.

Pretreatment is commonly used by the DOT to prevent packing or binding of snow on the road.  Specifically, the Connecticut DOT has used pretreatment on bridges, hills and other elevated surfaces where 'micro-climates' can develop.

In addition to prepping the roads, the DOT is also urging motorists to be prepared for inclement weather.  Spokesman for the Connecticut DOT, Kevin Nursick, says that despite it being the first snowfall of the new season, drivers should still take precautions.

"Over the years we've seen a very clear pattern with the first few winter weather snow storms of every season," said Nursick.  "We tend to see a lot of crashes and a lot of spin outs and we attribute that to the fact that motorists have not changed over to a winter weather driving mindset."

Snowfall is expected to occur during the peak hours of heavy afternoon traffic.  Nursick said motorists can prepare for the inclement weather by allowing more time to travel, taking it easy on the road and having a winter weather mindset when driving.