EEE Mosquitoes Found In Fourteen Connecticut Towns

Matt Dwyer
September 10, 2019 - 6:31 pm

File photo of a mosquito caught in a triap in Airzona. (Photo by Jeff Topping/Getty Images)


(WTIC-AM) -- Mosquitoes with Eastern equine encephalitis have now been found in fourteen Connecticut towns. 

The potentially-deadly illness is mostly clustered in the Southeastern part of the state. 

Andreadis says he has never seen the disease as widespread, at this high a level. 

Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station Director Theodore Andreadis says there are still several weeks left in the mosquito season. 

"They won't all disappear until we get the first hard frost. The next two weeks will be the most important as we move through the season," Andreadis said. "We are not at the level they are at in Massachusetts.  Massachusetts has had seven human cases already this year, with one fatality."

EEE has also killed one person in Rhode Island this summer. 

It is present in several other Northeastern states.