Fall High School Sports to be Played As Scheduled

CIAC Board of Control Rejects Recommendation for Spring Football

Dave Mager
August 12, 2020 - 5:38 pm
Snow? Maybe not, but CT high school football is "on" for this fall. 8/12/20

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The delayed, shortened and much-debated fall high school sports season in Connecticut is "on" for now, and that includes football.

The CIAC's Board of Control voted Wednesday to go ahead with established plans for games starting Sept. 23rd.

That move rejects the recommendation of the CIAC football committe, which recently voted to shift football to next spring, 

As with everything related to COVID-19, the return-to-play plan being reaffirmed now could still fall short, especially if there's a sudden spike the state's numbers. The CIAC says the plan "may change at any point."

Here is the key part of the CIAC's statement, released late Wednesday afternoon:

"At this time, the Board will continue to move forward with the July 30 plan as outlined. This includes keeping football in the fall and beginning on August 17. In considering any change from the current plan, the Board discussed at length any change in COVID data between approval of the plan and today. Based on the input from medical advisors and the continued positive COVID numbers in CT while sports are being played, the Board believes it is appropriate to move forward with all fall sports, at this time."