Fauci: "Connecticut is in a Good Place"

Top Federal Expert on Infectious Diseases Joins Lamont Briefing

Dave Mager
August 03, 2020 - 10:38 pm
Dr. Anthony Fauci joined the governor's latest COVID-19 briefing

CT Governor's Office/ Microsoft Teams/ CT-N

The U.S. government's longtime top expert on infectious disease, Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institues of Health, joined Gov. Ned Lamont's latest COVID-19 news briefing and signed off on what Connecticut has done to bring its positive test rate to less than 1%.

"Connecticut is in a good place," said Fauci, "The numbers... are really indicative that you are in a situation that you now are in many respects have the upper hand, because you have such a low rate that when you do get new cases, you have the capability of containment, as opposed to mitigation."

Just 56 patients in the state are hospitalized with COVID-19. The key to keeping the caseload down, according to Dr. Fauci, is maintaining most of the measures that helped Connecticut knock down the spring surge:

"You have maintained certain things that I consider five or six of the very important things that we need to do to stay in front of the virus." They include:

--universal mask use

--avoid crowded places

--six-foot distance

--indoors are worse than outdoors

--stay away from bars

--wash your hands

Dr. Fauci also tackled a few more controversial topics entangling his leadership under the Trump Adminstration.


President Trump has recently warmed to the concept of protective mask-wearing, after vacillating on the issue for months. Many states have no mask mandates in place, and libertarian groups have claimed masks restrict their rights.

Fauci is unequivocal on the question:

"Masks... diminish the infection transmissibility and acquisition by a significant percent... There's no doubt that wearing masks properly, wearing them indoors particularly and outdoors also, keeping social distance.... clearly, clearly is beneficial in preventing the surgence of infection and turning around the kinds of resurgences that we've seen in the Southern states. So for those who say, 'don't wear a mask, it's of no benefit,' that is untrue and misleading."


When asked by WTIC about President Trump's public suggestions of poisonous disinfectants or the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as potential "cures," Dr. Fauci said President Trump is well aware of his objections:

"Obviously, disinfectants, injecting or whatever, is dangerous and should not be done by anybody... The other thing is that, when you're making evaluations of therapies, the gold standard are randomized placebo-controlled trials, not anecdotal experiences, because the history of medicine tells us very clearly that these.... in uncontrolled trials are often misleading."

"Thus far, in all of the randomized, placebo-controlled trials that have looked at various components of different stages of disease with COVID-19 have shown that hydroxychloroquine is not effective therapy for COVID-19."

How does the president respond when told that one of the drugs he touts frequently is ineffective?

"I have not had a dialogue with him saying one thing or another. He knows exactly how I feel about hydroxychloroquine."