General Assembly Approves Loans For Unpaid Federal Workers

Matt Dwyer
January 22, 2019 - 4:11 pm

Pool Photo/Associated Press


(WTIC-AM) -- By overwhelming margins, both chambers of the General Assembly today approved a plan to help provide interest-free loans to federal employees working without pay during the partial federal government shutdown.

The proposal was sponsored by the top leaders of both parties, in both chambers.  

Governor Ned Lamont held a late-afternoon ceremony to sign the bill.

Before the ceremony, Lamont discussed the proposal after touring Chrysalis Center in Hartford.

"We've got thirteen hundred federal employees who are working every day, and not getting paid for it.  TSA agents, FBI Agents, Coast Guard," Lamont said. "I think we did a good thing today."

Under the agreement, the loans would be provided by banks and a portion of the loans would guaranteed by the state of Connecticut.  

General Assembly fiscal analysts say covering the cost of a portion of the unpaid loans could cost the state about a half a million dollars.

The employees who are working without pay are not eligible for unemployment benefits.