Gradual Lifting of Restrictions Likely to Start in June

"Reopening" Could Play Out All Year

Dave Mager
April 23, 2020 - 10:33 pm
Yale epidemiologist Dr. Albert Ko, co-chair of the Reopen Connecticut Advisory Group, 4/23/20

CT Governor's Office/ Microsoft Teams

The careful and potentially slow "re-opening" of the Connecticut economy could start in June.

That's according to Indra Nooyi, the co-chair of the governor's Reopen Connecticut Advisory Group, who adds that public health will be the prime consideration as non-essential businesses reopen, potentially in stages that could play out until the end of this year.

Notes from Gov. Ned Lamont's Thursday COVID-19 Briefing:


Nooyi, the former Pepsi CEO, says more details about timing could emerge over the next few weeks:

"We have several scenarios that we are pursuing for delayed opening, for opening in tranches, opening counties, opening certain businesses. It's not a simple decision because for every scenario, we have to look at the public health consequences... At this point, what we're doing is developing a range of scenarios and figuring out how to really put some numbers behind it, and suggest the sequencing to the governor so we can make a decision before the May 20th (decision) date."

The other co-chair of the governor's Reopen group is Dr. Albert Ko of Yale, who spoke again about the importance of mass testing to determine whether, and where, restrictions can be lifted.

"This is a highly transmissible virus, and we're concerned about reemergence of other surge crises, like we've had in the past, and we need robust detection systems and surveillance systems to guide us to help guide us and inform us...We need to prevent the surge that all of our hospitals went through the last couple months."


--95 more dead in the state, for a total of 1,639

--testing is picking up, reaching 71,497 (roughly 2.1% of the state population); at this time last month, a total of 4,500 tests had been reported

--hospitalizations fell by 25, to 1,947, still well under capacity

--there are 23,100 known cases in the state