Judge Sets $50K Bond For Hartford Police Officer

Matt Dwyer
September 30, 2019 - 5:18 pm

Hartford Police Department


(WTIC-AM) -- A Hartford Police officer went before a judge in Hartford Superior Court today, after being suspended without pay, over his arrest on domestic violence-related charges. 

A judge ordered Joven Gonzalez not to possess firearms pending trial, further insuring he will not work as a police officer any time soon. 

Gonzalez's bond was set at $50,000 by the judge.  Gonzalez would be tracked by GPS, if he is released.

According to court papers, the 26-year-old Windsor resident forced his way into a hotel room, where his former domestic partner was located. 

She was with a male acquaintance, who arrived about 3:30 am. 

Gonzalez showed up a few minutes later.

Gonzalez allegedly threatened the two victims with a gun that looked like his police handgun, and beat the man in the hotel room in the head with the firearm. 

The states attorney said his injuries were severe enough to require sutures.

Gonzalez allegedly hit the woman in the face, and shoved one of the victims' head into a door. 

In court, the defense said Gonzalez has a wife and children, and that he wants to clear his name. 

He has no previous criminal convictions.

"I am deeply concerned with the allegations regarding the off-duty incident involving Officer Joven Gonzalez, Interim Hartford Police Chief Jason Thody said in a statement. "I immediately ordered Officer Gonzalez be suspended without pay and had his police powers suspended as well.

"This incident does not represent the Hartford Police Department as a whole or the outstanding officers that work here," Thody wrote. "I want to commend the men and women of the Hartford Police Department that worked swiftly to investigate this case and make an arrest."