Recovered Victim: "We Cannot Open Too Soon"

Hospitalizations Still Declining

Dave Mager
April 29, 2020 - 10:53 pm
Ridgefield First Selectman Rudy Marconi, who survived a bout with COVID-19

Governor's Office/ Microsoft Teams

Gov. Ned Lamont invited a friend to his virtual news briefing to express the severity of COVID-19.

Ridgefield First Selectman Rudy Marconi told his story of extreme symptoms, and warned of the dangers of a premature attempt to drop all restrictions.

That warning comes as Gov. Lamont considers a limited "reopening" that could begin soon, as hospitalizations continue to drop.

Notes from the governor's Wednesday news briefing:


Marconi: "As a capitalistic society, we want to get back to work, we want money to flow again. But I can't stress enough the importance of how this can impact the health of all of our citizens here in Connecticut. Back on Apr. 4, I came home from a Board of Selectman's meeting feeling somewhat down, and had a head cold. At that point, I went to bed, stayed in bed Thursday and Friday and Saturday, I was tested and on Monday, Apr. 6, I got the positive results."

"By Wednesday the 8th, I was down pretty far down the road into this virus... My primary care physician recommended that I get on oxygen, rather than go to the hospital. I was on oxygen eight straight days, 24/7, being on hydrochloriquine and azythromycin combination with Tylenol and vitamins... the most amazing drug for me ended up being Zofran, which helps reduce the feeling of nausea, which was perhaps my most difficult symptom to deal with, and I can't tell you how severe I felt."

"We cannot open too soon, please believe me. This is a highly contagious, serious virus that we need to be careful each step we take." 

He says 30 Ridgefield residents have died of COVID-19. The town's population is about 7,200.    


--hospitalizations dropped by 41, to 1,691

--79 more dead; total 2,168

--known cases: 26,767 (+455)

--total tests: 94,818 (roughly 2.8% of the state population)


We can expect an update from Indra Nooyi and Dr. Albert Ko, the co-chairs of the governor's Reopen Connecticut Advisory Group. Also, DPH is expected to issue an updated report on conditions in nursing homes around the state.