School Cafetria Worker Arrested

Bill Pearse
September 04, 2018 - 9:27 pm

(NORWALK,Conn./WTIC Radio) -  A cafeteria worker at Norwalk High School has been arrested after police say they had a conversation with a  co-worker  in which a threat was made.The School Resource Officer assigned to the school was contacted by school security regarding the conversation.According to police, during the conversation 69 year old  Leslie Delaney of Hamden  told  a  fellow employee  that if they  saw him in army fatigues , they should leave  because he will have an AK-47 and that he could come  to finish everything and then “off” himself.

Officers responded to the school cafeteria and found  Delaney, escorted him out of the building and interviewed him.During the interview Delaney admitted to making the comments and  suggested they were a joke.

Based on additional information  obtained as part of the investigation, Delaney was  taken by ambulance to Norwalk Hospital for evaluation.Officers received consent to search his vehicle  and found a .22 caliber rifle  in the trunk.The weapon was not  loaded and there was no ammunition  in the vehicle.

Police determined there was  no immediate threat to students  or staff.However,  additional School Resource Officers will be  at Norwalk High School  Wednesday.

Delaney has been charged with  Possession of a Weapon on School Grounds , Threatening in the 2nd    Degree and  Breach of Peace.

Bond was  set at $75,000.