State Supreme Court Hearing Arguments In Bridgeport Primary

Matt Dwyer
November 04, 2019 - 10:59 am

WTIC File Photo


(WTIC-AM) -- On the eve of local elections across Connecticut, the state Supreme Court will hear arguments this afternoon on whether Bridgeport's Democratic primary for mayor should be overturned. 

In the September 10 primary, Mayor Joe Ganim won a narrow victory. 

Ganim says his win over over challenger Marilyn Moore was the will of the people. 

Moore received a slightly larger number of votes from people who cast ballots on election day, but Ganim won an overwhelming majority of the absentee ballots. 

Moore's campaign claimed there were voting irregularities. 

Bridgeport residents filed a lawsuit trying to get the primary result thrown out. 

They lost in a trial in Bridgeport, and they have now filed an appeal to the State Supreme Court. 

Friday, the state high court accepted the appeal, which will be held on an extremely sped-up basis today, just four hours after written briefs are due. 

Meanwhile, Moore is running as a write-in candidate, hoping that enough people will remember her name, and go through the process of writing it in.