What It Will Take To Reopen

Goal: To Open "Soon" and "Safely"

Dave Mager
April 16, 2020 - 10:11 pm
Closing notice at Hartford's XL Center

Dave Mager, WTIC News

The co-chairs of Gov. Ned Lamont's Reopen Connecticut Advisory Group want to ease COVID-19 restrictions "as soon, and as safely, as possible." But they list a daunting set of programs that must be set up before life in Connectcut starts to resemble "normal."

Items from the governor's Thursday briefing:



--Co-chair, and former Pepsi CEO, Indra Nooyi, doesn't want to advise "reopening" too soon: "The worst outcome is reopen Connecticut and we have to reverse direction."

--Co-chair Dr. Albert Ko, of Yale University, laid out the medical side of the decision:

"The first criteria is that we have to have a decline in cases and hospitalizations. This is not only important in terms of controlling the outbreak, but we need to make sure that we're out of the surge, and that we protect our hospitals. The second criteria is really the fundamentals of public health prevention and control: We need to implement mass testing, contact tracing and self-isolation. This is testing all individuals who are sick... trace their contacts, and then have those contacts that are infected self isolate. The third criteria is that we have to protect high-risk communities. All segments of the population can get infected and transmit the disease, but those who are most vulnerable, those who have suffered the largest consquences, are the elderly."

Dr. Ko added three more prerequisites:

--having enough personal protective equipment (PPE)

--continuation of physical distancing standards 

--adequate hospital capacity



--103 #COVID19 deaths reported in CT, 971 total dead statewide during the crisis

--757 of 971 deaths (78%) age 70 or older

--1,129 newly confirmed cases, for a total of 15,884

--53,122 people now tested (roughly 1.5% of the state population)           



--It's officially "on," June 25-28, with no fans to be admitted.