UConn Board of Trustees Approves Pro-Rated Room, Board Refunds

Daniela Doncel
March 25, 2020 - 3:13 pm
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Daniela Doncel


STORRS, Conn. (WTIC Radio) - The University of Connecticut will be reimbursing students for discontinued housing and dining plans due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Wednesday, the UConn Board of Trustees unanimously voted to authorize the administration to make the reimbursements through pro-rated payments for unused housing, dining plans and Study Abroad programs.

According to UConn Chief Financial Officer Scott Jordan, the reimbursement will cover the seven remaining weeks of the semester starting March 23. Payments will be credited to students' fee bills for the fall semester. Cash refunds will be available for students that are graduating or not returning to UConn for other reasons.

Students with financial aid or scholarships that cover room and board will not have the option of a cash refund. The money will return to the financial aid accounts or the scholarship fund for their future use.

Jordan says with 10 to 11 thousand Storrs and Stamford students being affected by the discontinued services, the refunds are estimated to cost the university about $30 million.

UConn Board of Trustees Chairman Dan Toscano says, "We hope very loudly that there will be federal and state assistance with this, but we can't afford to wait to find out. It is not (a matter) we take lightly, but it is for sure the right decision to make for our students at this time."

This comes after the coronavirus outbreak forced the university to send students home and continue the semester online.

Currently, there are about 1200 students still living on the Storrs campus and 63 students on the Stamford campus, according to Student Affairs Vice President Michael Gilbert.