US Senate Endorses Crumbling Basement Studies, Rejects Assistance Money

Matt Dwyer
August 01, 2018 - 5:12 pm

(WTIC-AM) -- Congress approves two provisions intended to address the problem of contaminated concrete in home foundations. 

But federal lawmakers rejected a proposal to provide financial help.

The US Senate approved two amendments already endorsed by the House.  

One instructs the Government Accountability Office to draw up a plan to address crumbling foundations, and to describe the financial impact of the problem.  

The other proposal orders the US Geological Survey to create a national map showing the location of pyrrhotite.  

The mineral's presence in foundations across northeastern Connecticut is causing the basements to slowly fall apart.  

A third proposal was blocked by senate Republicans, according to Connecticut's two Democratic senators.  

That amendment would have set aside a hundred million dollars over five years for crumbling basement assistance funds, like the one Connecticut has set up.