Waterbury Police Arrest Man Who Drags Officer in Car

Daniela Doncel
August 25, 2019 - 6:32 pm

WATERBURY, Conn. (WTIC Radio) - A Waterbury police officer was released from the hospital at noon Sunday after receiving non-life threatening injuries from being dragged by a vehicle during an investigation.

Officials say two Waterbury police officers responded to a reported suspicious vehicle at 5:39 a.m. Saturday where they found an unconscious adult male in the driver's seat. Police say the reason of the driver's unconsciousness was unknown. 

After an unsuccessful attempt to arouse the driver verbally, the police officers opened the front doors of the Chevy Cobalt to be able to arouse the driver and assess his condition.

During the investigation, police say the driver then put the car in reverse. Police report the officer was stuck by the opened passenger door, causing him to lose his balance and fall into the vehicle.

Officials say the driver started to drive while the officer was partially hanging out of the vehicle. Police say the driver dragged the officer for about 100 feet at high speed.

At a turn, officials say the officer was thrown from the vehicle and knocked unconscious after his head hit the road. 

Waterbury police were later able to locate and arrest 38-year-old Adam Dejesus at a Griggs Street residence. 

Police say Dejesus tried to escape at the time of his arrest and again later on while in the Detective Bureau. Both times were unsuccessful. 

Dejesus is charged with several charges including two counts of assault on a police officer, criminal attempt escape from custody, and evading responsibility in an accident resulting in physical injury.

Waterbury police also arrested 29-year-old Carlos Santiago, 24-year-old Jose Santiago, and 28-year-old Angel Medina while at the residence. All are charged with interfering with a police officer.