As Stop & Shop Strike Continues, Competitors See Uptick In Business

Bill Sencio
April 19, 2019 - 2:21 pm

MANCHESTER, Conn. (WTIC) - It's day nine of the strike against Stop & Shop, and no agreement has been reached between the unions representing striking workers and management. Some other grocery stores in the area are reaping the benefits.

In light of both the Easter holiday weekend and extra customers who would otherwise be patronizing Stop & Shop, other grocers in Connecticut have seen an uptick in business.

Joe Panaro, store manager at the Highland Park Market in Manchester, says they've added staff and deliveries to keep up with increased demand. Some of these customers confirmed to him that this was their first visit to his store.

Panaro says Highland Park Market has seen business increase more than 20 percent since the strike began. He's hoping some of the new customers will stick around when the strike is over.

More than 31,000 Stop & Shop workers remain off the job, nine days after they struck the grocery store giant, claiming unfair contract offers.