Stormy Weather Forces UConn Building Closure

John Silva
March 11, 2018 - 11:51 am

Photo courtesy of UConn

(Storrs, Conn./WTIC Radio) - A building on the UConn campus is closed after school officials say high winds damaged a large ventilation stack.

Spokeswoman Stephanie Reitz says the damaged stack on the Agricultural Biotechnology Laboratory was pushed into a second stack, creating a danger that could cause one or both of the stacks to fall.

Reitz says the building itself has been deemed structurally sound and while there was no danger to anyone inside, they had to close because of fire code issues. Exits were blocked as a result of the emergency response.

She says the smaller, Advanced Technology Building remains open.

There were no injuries reported and it's not known when the building will reopen.

The stacks weigh about 500 pounds apiece and are used to ventilate building exhaust fumes from the labs.