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Third Case of Measles in Connecticut for 2019 Confirmed

April 12, 2019 - 6:11 pm

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTIC) – A third case of the measles in Connecticut has been confirmed by the Connecticut Department of Public Health.

In a press release Friday, the Department of Public Health indicated that an adult from New Haven County contracted measles after being exposed during the last week of March while on a visit to Brooklyn, New York.

The case is linked to an ongoing outbreak in New York City, and is not related to the two confirmed cases in Connecticut.  The Connecticut cases were reported in January of this year.

Connecticut DPH Commissioner Renee D. Coleman-Mitchell reminds residents that the best thing they can do to protect themselves from the virus is to get vaccinated.  She added Connecticut has high vaccination rates, so the state is at low risk for a widespread measles outbreak.

If someone is showing symptoms of measles, Connecticut DPH officials say they should avoid public settings and call their healthcare provider before going directly to a healthcare facility.

This helps eliminate the possibility of exposing others to the highly contagious virus.

Moving forward, the Connecticut DPH will continue to work with local health departments and healthcare providers to identify and inform identified contacts of the case.