Computer Talk: A Case Against Airbnb

Computer Talk With TAB
September 21, 2019 - 3:12 pm

Erik and Bob take your questions.  Hotelier and House Representative Ed Case from Hawaii hopes to stop Internet home rental Internet platforms like Airbnb.  T-Mobile criticizes Verizon's 5G cellular coverage in a new ad campaign.  Office space rental company WeWork is blasted for stunningly bad WiFi security.  A caller asks how to stop pop-ups from occurring  on her Pixel 3 phone.  Also, she tries to deal with her computer  asking for a password after requesting a Windows 10 update.  A listener with a new iPad wants to save information from the iPad to a USB Flash drive for use in a PC.  She also has questions about compatibility of the Apple pencil with the various iPad models.  In addition, she is having problems visiting websites with her ad blocker active while following links in her e-mail.  A listener planning to move to a "planned" community asks about technology and wiring requirements for a new house.

A caller running an old copy of Windows XP wants to try to install Windows XP on a newer computer in order to run older music software.  An avid radio listener is curious if "5G" cellular technologies need frequencies required for AM/FM radio in order to work properly, jeopardizing "traditional" radio bandwidth.   He also has questions about fiber optic Internet services.  A listener transitioning from Windows 7 to Windows 10 looks for the best way to transfer his files to the new computer.  A caller looks for a way to print inexpensively in black-and-white to save on ink costs.  For this purpose, we recommend "laser jet" printers.  A listener asks for an alternative to the Microsoft Edge web browser.  A caller asks for Erik and Bob's opinion on the Microsoft Surface Pro, plus seeks an alternative to Quickbooks for small business accounting and check writing.  Also, we talk about Classic Shell, a program that allows newer versions of Windows to have a visual appearance similar to earlier versions.  A computer user who updated to Windows 10 version 1903 has difficulty with video problems with a blurry start screen.  A "cable cutter" calls in to say Comcast is offering a free video streaming device, but with a caveat that you must rent the cable modem with the streaming device from Comcast.