Computer Talk: Challenging the Ride Share Business Model

Computer Talk With TAB
September 14, 2019 - 3:22 pm

Erik and Bob take your questions and discuss California passing a bill that challenges the Uber and Lyft business models by treating drivers as employees.  McDonalds acquires an artificial intelligence company; it plans to add voice recognition to the ordering process with drive-thrus.  A listener has a problem with a possible "browser hijack" in Mozilla Firefox.  Erik and Bob discuss the recent California Uber situation with show listeners and its potential effect on the ride sharing industry.  A listener with a new computer asks if he should use the Webroot antivirus program as his virus protection.  A caller has problems with Malwarebytes anti-virus program operating correctly and also is experiencing slow web browsing speeds.  A caller wonders if using OpenDNS would cause his computer to browse the Internet more slowly, but is still experiencing problems being unable to access websites about 5% of the time.

A user with a new HP Envy laptop wonders how to get the computer out of "hibernation" mode, plus he wonders if he should change his antivirus product. An Android smartphone user has issues with numbers dialing and text mysteriously dialing on the phone.  We help the listener troubleshoot a possible virus issue with the phone.  A small business owner wonders about the safety of "5G" cellular service as he considers switching his business telephone provider.  A user has a problem with his HP laptop showing that his computer is overheating when it actually is not overheating.  A New York cloud-based payroll company vanishes with $35 million dollars, according to a security researcher.  A caller has problems with the contact database and security issues on her iPhone.  Another caller gets assistance in transferring photos from an old iPhone to a computer.