Computer Talk: A Facial Recognition Flaw?

Computer Talk With TAB
October 19, 2019 - 3:12 pm

Erik and Bob take your computer questions, and look at Google Pixel 4's serious security problem: Facial recognition unlocking software can't tell if your eyes are open.  The U.S. military finally retires 8" floppy disks used to launch nuclear missiles.  Tesla flash storage design failure may lead to expensive repairs.   Senator Wyden wants a new data privacy bill with some serious punishments.   A Windows 10 user user wants to know how to import photos into his new computer.  He also wants to know if 32-bit programs will run on his new 64-bit computer.  We also give suggestions on how to best set up antivirus software on a new computer.  The Windows 10 "1903" software update breaks antivirus software for some users.  A user trying to get his Yahoo! mail constantly struggles with a "page expired" error in his web browser.  A user who upgraded to iOS 13 can no longer upload photographs to her iOS devices.  A Samsung Galaxy Note 7 player tries to deal with a web page "hijack" on his telephone.

A caller who inherited a computer from a deceased relative seeks a way to access the locked computer.  An iPhone 6 user is unable to access the complete Messages history of a particular person.  A Windows 7 laptop user who upgraded to Windows 10 cannot get his computer to start up properly.  We provide methods on how to check for a faulty hard drive.  A user looks for a way to find duplicate files on his hard drive.  He also wants to erase a second hard drive.  A Windows user with Excel 2010 has trouble saving a spreadsheet on a different  computer.  Also we provide information on how to set up OpenDNS to surf the web more safely.  Finally, our last caller wants to transfer information between laptops without taking the drives out of the computer.