Computer Talk: Facts & Fiction About VPN Privacy

Computer Talk With TAB
August 31, 2019 - 12:08 pm

Tesla's SolarCity division initiated a secret program called "Project Titan" to  replace defective solar panels that could cause roof fires, according to Business Insider. VW settles a lawsuit over fuel economy claims.  We dispel some common misconceptions about your privacy while using a virtual private network (VPN).  A listener recounts his experiences using a T-Mobile hotspot as his primary Internet Service provider.  The Wall Street Journal dispels the myth about the need for more expensive Internet service for faster Internet speeds.  A caller with a new Windows 10 computer has issues creating a "recovery" drive for Windows 10.  A caller with a Seagate External Hard Drive has difficulty with it being properly recognized by the operating system.  We offer suggestions on how to have data on a failed hard drive using a professional data recovery service.   A listener wonders if he can safely reduce his Internet speed offered by his cable company.  Plus we offer other ways to save money on your Internet bill.  A Windows 7 user wonders why he gets messages saying there is a problem with his Bitdefender antivirus program.  Plus, users of the free version of Bitdefender Antivirus should upgrade their version due to a recently discovered security flaw.

Google's "Project Zero" releases information about thousands of hacked iPhones due to a security flaw that was patched in February.  Apple promises to stop listening to your Siri conversations; the new policy is "opt-in" only.  A user with a refurbished Dell laptop wonders if it can be repaired.  We offer suggestions on a new computer: an i5 or better Intel processor with 8 GB RAM, 256 GB Solid State hard drive or 1 terabyte traditional hard drive.  A user with a new Windows 10 desktop wonders why he gets logged out of websites when he wants to stay logged in.  Also, he wonders why he is unable to connect to websites.  A listener has problems getting  articles to appear on his older Samsung tablet, plus has Internet speed issues.  A user has problems with a Yahoo e-mail address/user name  and his eBay payments.  A user with a seven-year-old iPad 2 is unable to use certain applications after performing an update to the operating system.