Computer Talk: A 'Foldable' Cell Phone?

Computer Talk With TAB
September 28, 2019 - 3:12 pm

Erik and Bob take your technology questions. Samsung introduces "foldable" cell phone for $1,980.  A security researcher says that there is an "unmatchable" bug in hundreds of millions of Apple iOS devices, allowing jailbreaking.  Hyundai and Cummins to work together on fuel cell vehicles.  Fate of online disabled accessibility to websites may rest on lawsuit involving Domino's Pizza. A listener has problems with streaming television stations on a refurbished laptop.  A Windows 10 user has difficulty logging in due to a forgotten password.  In California, a police officer's Tesla runs out of battery power during a high-speed chase.  A user has problems connecting wirelessly at high speeds with an iPad.  

A caller has suggestions for improving wireless speed on an iPad by changing WiFi "channels" on his wireless router.  A Windows 10 Professional administrator has difficulty creating a new user on  the computer.  A Mac user attempting to listen to a streaming radio station has problems with a "hijacked" Safari web browser displaying a fake virus warning.  We offer help on clearing cache in the Safari web browser as well as setting up OpenDNS.  A user with an HP laptop that fails to display anything.  A user sees a "fake" pop-up message when using Internet Explorer.  A user configuring  the OpenDNS service to browse the Internet safely wonders if OpenDNS works with all of the computers in his household.  A Windows 7 user wonders about a configuration for a new desktop computer.  A long-time Microsoft Excel user wonders why his computer is running so slowly.