Computer Talk: Google's Not So 'Free' Storage Options

Computer Talk With TAB
October 26, 2019 - 2:02 pm

Erik and Bob take your computer questions.  Erik discusses the GVIDO electronic music reader device for musicians.  Google to replace defective Google Home speakers wrecked by a bad firmware update.  Google to start charging for some previously "free" storage options.  Google is accused of creating an internal "spy tool" to squelch worker dissent.  A listener attempting to do a  system recovery wonders why the recovery is getting "stuck" and taking a long time.  A caller gets a "Graphics RAM is low" error message while running a system analysis tool.  We offer troubleshooting suggestions, as well as techniques to determine the speed of an Internet connection.  A caller has questions about the password manager included with a paid version of Webroot anti-virus software, plus questions about using Webroot on mobile devices.  Avast anti-virus company is hacked by spies who stole passwords.  A Microsoft Surface Pro user wonders if Windows defender will turn off if he needs to install a corporate anti-virus product for work.  A user switching to Comcast cable Internet wonders if her Arris modem will work with the service.  

Payroll data provider Cachet is reeling after MyPayrollHR fraud.  A Windows 7 user wonders if a new computer he may be purchasing with an E5520 processor is a good buy.  A listener from South Carolina wonders if you can use OpenDNS while traveling to a hotel.  Another Windows 7 user is wondering  how to upgrade his computer to Windows 10.  A Windows 7 user tries to fix Homegroup compatibility with Windows 10 machines for a small business.  A listener wonders if his cable modem upload speed should be different from his cable modem download speed.  A caller asks for the minimum required specifications for a new laptop.  We recommend an Intel i5 processor 8th generation processor with 8GB RAM and a 256 GB hard drive and a computer with a solid metal case.