Computer Talk: Keeping Amazon Ring Video Private

Computer Talk With TAB
August 24, 2019 - 12:08 pm

Erik and Bob discuss Wal-Mart suing Tesla SolarCity over solar panels alleged to have caused roof fires at their stores. Amazon's Ring video doorbell unit wants police to keep certain surveillance details hidden from the public. Amazon has listed thousands of unsafe and banned items for sale, according to a Wall Street Journal investigation  A physician in private practice calls the show over security and network concerns after the office firewall was removed.  A listener with Webroot antivirus software wonders if she also needs to use Windows built-in antivirus software in addition to Webroot.  A Dell computer user has problem with a BIOS update.  A listener with a first generation iPad mini continues to troubleshoot wireless connection issues with her Internet Service Provider.  A user with an HP computer tries troubleshooting constant updates with Windows 10, plus WiFi connection issues.

A caller with an HP Pavilion laptop has issues saving files from a camera to his computer.  A Cox Cable user needs to know if he should upgrade his cable modem and if his router is sufficient for his needs.  Also, we recommend the use of a wireless access point to increase the reach of the wireless signal in his home.  A listener receiving over-the-air television stations has difficulty receiving Channel 3 and Channel 61 even after "re-scanning" for the stations.  Another caller continues the TV discussion about over-the-air reception problems. Bob suggests using a "splitter" device to lower the signal "attenuation."  Erik offers suggestions for "streaming" local channels.  A user who purchased a new printer has problems with it being installed on the same "port" as another printer already in use on the same computer.  A user with an older AT&T UVerse Modem but Frontier Internet service wonders if there is an advantage to him updating his router.