Computer Talk: The Truth About Electric Vehicles

Computer Talk With TAB
September 07, 2019 - 3:22 pm

Erik and Bob take your computer questions and talk the Ford survey that says 42 percent of Americans believe that electric vehicles need gasoline.  Over 600,000 Chinese-made GPS trackers found to have "123456" as the default password.  Google prepares for a Department of Justice antitrust probe. Litigation continues for Tesla SolarCity solar panels that can catch fire.  We help to explain the use and configuration of the OpenDNS service to surf the Internet more safely and to avoid malicious software.  A listener calls with privacy concerns about using smart microphones inside of a doctor's office.  Erik gives advice to a listener wanting to replace her cell phone on which cell phone and service would be a good buy.  A listener asks if OpenDNS can be used with Frontier Internet service.  Erik and Bob answer, and explains the meaning  of Domain Name Service (DNS) when surfing the Internet.  A cable cutter in Westfield, Massachusetts learns about fiber optic internet service and options for receiving local TV without using cable television service.

A caller looks for a less costly alternatives to renting Microsoft Office 365, plus an alternative to an old SNET e-mail address.  A traveler returning from Italy wants to stop receiving search results in Italian after returning from his trip there.  Another cable cutter calls and wonders what happens when he "cuts the cord" and uses streaming TV services. A listener asks for help on purchasing a new computer after recovering from a power surge.  We recommend a computer running Windows 10, with an Intel i5 processor and a 256 gigabyte solid state hard drive or 1 terabyte "traditional" hard drive.  We also talk about options for surge suppression to help mitigate some of the damage that might happen from future power surges.  A caller asks for help on how to stop *wanted* e-mail from appearing in the "spam" folder.  Also, he asks what happens to your data if you terminate your Microsoft Office 365 subscription. A caller purchasing a new computer asks what the difference is between an Intel "i5" processor vs. an Intel "i7" processor.  A user with an older computer wants to know how he can  safely destroy the information on his hard drive before recycling his computer.  Plus we offer some suggestions for stopping spam mail coming to his Yahoo! mail account.  A user with a six year old computer looks for a way to transfer data to a new. laptop.  A Windows 10 user with a five-year-old laptop looks for a way to speed up his computer.