Law Talk: The First Amendment in Connecticut

Law Talk
August 17, 2019 - 3:38 pm

We talked about a new Connecticut Supreme Court case involving Freedom of Speech (First Amendment issues and the exception for “true threats”); an interesting issue in Family Law (whether the non-custodial parent can be held in contempt for not exercising court-ordered visitation with the minor kids (visitation was always considered a “privilege,” not an “obligation” until this Appellate Court decision); labor law (“can I get fired for taking a vacation?”); and a Home Improvement Contractor case where the contractor abandoned a $16k job after getting $12k from the owners (by the time the Court finished with him, the Judgment against him totaled $108k).  All in all, a variety of “carefully curated” topics.  Listener calls included how to complain about a car dealer without getting arrested for doing so.