Law Talk: Legal Word of the Week

Law Talk
November 16, 2019 - 4:21 pm

Basic issues in landlord tenant law – from both the perspective of the landlord and the tenant.  We provided information about how to get self-help materials specifically geared to this topic under Connecticut law – for free.  We also followed up on a listener email about getting her attorney’s fees paid by the tenant in an eviction proceeding.  We introduced a new feature:  “Legal Word of the Week.”  The goal is to de-mystify legal words listeners may encounter.  This week the word was “subrogation.”  The time flew by.  We took a listener call from a previous caller who wanted everyone to know how his lawsuit against 2 dirtbag real estate agents ended up (he won – got damages, punitive damages, and an award of approx.. $60k in attorney’s fees).  He was very proud, and I’m pleased that we were able to encourage him to persist when he called LawTalk last year to seek our thoughts.