Law Talk: Married Into Debt?

Law Talk
November 30, 2019 - 4:21 pm

We addressed a couple of listener emails:

1. I’m a landlord and I just got a default judgment against a tenant for not paying me rent.  They still won’t leave.  What do I do now?

2. Mom gave my sister her Power of Attorney.  Sis won’t tell any of us what she’s doing with mom’s money.  How can we find out what’s going on?

We also rattled on in our Legal Word of the Week segment about this past week’s word:  Contempt.  Civil vs. Criminal; direct vs. indirect; what has to be shown before a court will hold a person in contempt; and what the court’s powers are to compel compliance with its Orders (can you spell “incarceration?").

We had a listener call from a guy who wanted to know if, when a man marries a woman who has lots of debt, he becomes liable for her debts?  The answer is no, unless some court has ordered him to pay them; unless he’s guaranteed them in writing; or unless they were for household necessities for his and her household (this last one is very rare).