Law Talk: What To Know About DUI Laws

Law Talk
July 20, 2019 - 11:40 am

Our guest was Atty. Peter Soulsby, a former prosecutor who is a now a well-regarded criminal defense lawyer. We spoke about aspects of the law that we believe most people are more likely to encounter: DUI, license suspensions, what to do when it’s 2:15 am and you see the blue flashing lights in your rear view mirror, and whether to submit to a breath test. That brought us to per se administrative suspensions at the Motor Vehicle Department (where you lose your license even if you’re acquitted at trial in Superior Court), ignition interlock devices (been drinking? Car won’t start!), Drug recognition enforcement (using “expert” cops), the problems applying the DUI laws to driving while high on weed or other stuff, etc. Lots of very practical and pragmatic information. As Peter said in his very first minute on the air: “If you take a drink, take an Uber…”