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Ray Dunaway: Talking with Brian Barrio, CCSU Athletic Director

Mornings with Ray Dunaway
August 22, 2018 - 11:56 am

Brian Barrio, Central Connecticut State University Athletic Director, discusses the latest news out of the athletic department. Barrio talks about how the CCSU football team was in the NCAA tournament last season, a local Connecticut legend coaching the men's basketball program, plus how the women's soccer and volleyball teams are ready to contend for NCAA playoff berths this season. He discusses his past collegiate athletic department experience away from the state, and why he decided to come back to Connecticut and CCSU. 

What are some of the challenges he faces managing an athletic department in the current state of collegiate athletics? He also discusses the educator side of working with student-athletes, many of who will not pursue professional athletics as a career path and the skills athletics provides students that they can transfer to their post-collegiate lives. 

When did athletic administration appeal to Barrio as a career path?