Sound Off CT: Governor Candidates Speak!

Sound Off Connecticut
August 13, 2018 - 3:43 pm

Will Marotti was joined by Bob Stefanowski, David Stemerman, Mark Boughton, Steve Obsitnik, Tim Herbst, Joe Ganim, and Oz Griebel, all candidates for Connecticut Governor. The candidates discuss their races, their platforms, and their expectations for the Primary election tomorrow.  Hear more now...

Bob Stefanowski, GOP Candidate for Governor and formerly a senior executive with General Electric and the Chief Financial Officer of UBS Investment Bank, shares an update from the campaign trail.

Joe Ganim, Bridgeport Mayor and Democratic candidate for Governor, is demanding answers from Ned Lamont following serious questions raised in the Hartford Courant about possible widespread, illegal violations of state campaign finance laws.

David Stemerman, Republican Gubernatorial candidate, a self-made businessman and political outsider, called on Mark Boughton to disavow outside spending from CT Rising, whose biggest funder is a Danbury trash hauler affiliated with the 2008 campaign finance violations.

Mark Boughton, GOP Endorsed Candidate for Goevernor and Mayor of Danbury, discusses comments Mr. Stemerman made against his campaign and finance violations.

Steve Obsitnik, GOP Candidate for Governor, looks back at his campaign leading up to the Primary tomorrow. Obsitnik emphasizes the importance of real leadership and trust, and how his understanding of the culture of Connecticut will inform his plan to turn the state around.

Tim Herbst, Republican gubernatorial candidate and former Trumbull First Selectman, shares thoughts on the final run-up to the Republican Primary, pointing out that he's been the most consistently conservative candidate in the race and expressing optimism his campaign would surprise the Democratic frontrunner and the Hartford establishment on Tuesday.

Oz Griebel, Independent candidate for Governor, explains why he chose Monte Frank as Lt. Governor on the Indepedent ticket, and how their ticket can bring both sides together.