Computer Talk 6/9/18 Hr 2 Asleep Behind The Wheel With Tesla?

Computer Talk With TAB
Saturday, June 9th
A caller wants an opinion on whether a Mac mini or Windows PC is better for a new computer gift. A caller has problems with his monitor unexpectedly going to sleep. A caller has questions about a new router malware called VPNFilter. The malware problem is worse than once thought and may require a factory reset (not just a reboot) to clear the malware from the router. We also explain the difference between 5GHz and 2.4GHz wireless connections. How to rid your Chrome web browser of unwanted pop-ups. A caller who has problems with music stuttering when played from USB thumb drives seeks answers. A Mac user seeks assistance moving his photos from an external drive to a new Mac, while keeping dates intact. Facebook caught sharing user data with cell phone manufacturers. Plus, Facebook posts of 14 million users that were thought to be shared only with a limited group were actually public.