Computer Talk 8/18/18 Hr 1 Alternative Email Services

Computer Talk With TAB
Saturday, August 18th
Erik and Bob take your computer questions. Former President Barack Obama's campaign used security keys to prevent hacks in the 2012 presidential election campaign. A cryptocurrency entrepreneur sues AT&T over mobile "SIM swapping" fiasco. A Frontier/SBC Global user wants to migrate his e-mail to a new email address. Secure e-mail service provider Husmail offers a pay alternative e-mail service that claims not to scan user e-mail. Computer Talk With TAB producer Joey Bourgoin offers advice on how to listen to WTIC-AM 1080 on your Alexa device. A caller seeks a way to convert a live broadcast or podcast to text for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. A judge sets bail at $750,000 in case of cryptocurrency for gaming hacker. A U.S. Senator proposes $3,500 discount on American-made cars. A listener calls to inquire about the future fate of obsolete SBC Global e-mail addresses.