Computer Talk 8/18/18 Hr 2 Alternative Email Services

Computer Talk With TAB
Saturday, August 18th
Urban Dictionary trolls Elon Musk over "funding secured" Tweet on Twitter. How to stop the false "low disk space" warning on on the "D:" drive recovery partition. We help a caller having problems logging in with a password in Windows 10 due to a "password incorrect" error. A Windows 7 user has problems with his print jobs being constantly "paused" when starting to print. A caller asks for opinions about safety third party password managers. We disuss the YubiKey security key as a second "factor" of security to increase security when logging on. HUD accuses Facebook of posting discriminitory housing advertisements using geolocation features. An Apple iMac looking to buy a new system user wants to know the difference between solid state hard drives and so called "Fusion" hard drives. We help a user who gets "spam" e-mails from different senders with similar names to an actual known person. A caller gets information on how to recover information from a failed solid state hard drive. Thirty six states use special hacking detection "Albert" sensor to secure voter registration systems. An Apple iPhone user seeks a way to improve cellular calling reception through the "WiFi calling" feature.