Computer Talk: 'Cloud Based' Thermostat Freezes Up (2/9/19) Part 1

Computer Talk With TAB
Saturday, February 9th
Erik and Bob take your questions. Honeywell gets "frosty" reception as "cloud-based" thermostat freezes up for a week. After trying an experimental technique to lay fiber optic cable more cheaply and quickly, Google Fiber pulls out of Louisville. $145 million in cryptocurrency frozen after the death of funds' owner. New York police department demands that Google's Waze traffic app stops revealing DWI checkpoints. A caller wants to know how long properly configured business computers should last before they need replacement. A Mac user wants to know how to make VLC Media Player the default player for Mac and disable QuickTime Player. A caller asks information on how to best back up his computer in order to prevent data loss. After Microsoft Outlook was reinstalled after a computer failure, a listener wonders why Outlook is constantly "syncing." Amazon rethinking its NYC headquarters after critics' concerns over massive corporate tax breaks. A caller looking to replace his desktop computer wonders how the slimline "compact" desktops compare to traditional desktop models. An iPhone user from Michigan wants to know if photos deleted from his iPhone also get deleted from his iCloud account when he deletes photos.