Computer Talk: High Speed Internet In CT (11/9/19) - Part 2

Computer Talk With TAB
Saturday, November 9th
A listener asks about the legitimacy of streaming internet appliances like FreeStream.  A multiple monitor user wonders if he can consolidate using multiple monitors using a high resolution 4K monitor.  Also he wonders how easy it upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 on a two-year-old computer.  A cable cutter trying to watch women's basketball wonders if his WiFi service is affected if he cuts the cord.  A user purchasing a new printer wants to make sure it will work with future upgrades to the operating system.  He also is looking for a way to fax if you only have a mobile phone.  A listener wonders how he can keep his landline phone service if he cuts the cable and uses GoNetspeed Internet Service.  A caller has questions about configuring OpenDNS service correctly.