Computer Talk: IT Horror Stories (12/8/18) - Part 1

Computer Talk With TAB
Saturday, December 8th
Erik and Bob take your computer questions. We start off with a brief description of some IT horror stories with unusual IT legal contracts for IT maintenance, cloud, snd domain services with draconian contract terms. Japan to stop buying Huawei and ZTE equipment over Chinese security concerns. We are more paranoid about privacy concerns in 2018, study says. Facebook used data to favor partners and punish rivals, UK says. We help a user learn how to defer updates in Windows 10 after he experiences keyboard issues. A caller with a new laptop looks for suggestions on how to set it up to surf securely using OpenDNS and antivirus software. Microsoft calls for regulation of facial recognition technology. Microsoft abandons its own browser engine for its Edge browser in favor of open source Chromium engine. Oumuamua comet may be one of many interstellar visitors, says researcher. A Windows 7 user has problems with Control key keyboard shortcuts and software licensing issues.