Computer Talk: IT Horror Stories (12/8/18) - Part 2

Computer Talk With TAB
Saturday, December 8th
A listener updates us with his experiences using the new GoNetspeed fiber optic Internet service, plus advice on migrating away from an old SNET e-mail address. We discuss some of the safety concerns and controversy over the new "5G" cellular phone service. A Chromebook user gets advice on how to print with a Chromebook using mobile wireless printing with her Canon MG5420 printer. A user with a very old 2010 MacBook Pro has some issues with a browser hijack or malicious software. Plus, a friendly reminder for Santa to update gaming consoles before giving them to kids to avoid having a massive software update on Christmas Day. We help a listener with free software to
"unzip" compressed files for free. A user wonders if a "data breach alert" from Mozilla is legitimate. We discuss the privacy and security of "smart" home speakers.