Computer Talk: Why Google Is Buying Fitbit (11/2/19) - Part 1

Computer Talk With TAB
Saturday, November 2nd
Erik and Bob take your technology questions.  Google to purchase electronic health tracking company Fitbit, raising privacy concerns.  Software updates to Pratt & Whitney engines mentioned in Airbus 220 airplane engine failures.  Video graphics maker Nvidia's new streaming device said to use artificial intelligence to emulate 4K video resolution.  Marvel is censoring films to China, bowing to political pressure.  A listener has difficulty with a pixelating picture while trying to watch s cable channel through his laptop.  A listener has a compatibility issue with Webroot Antivirus and macOS Catalina.  We recommend ESET Antivirus as an alternative.  A listener seeks a way to record video from a steaming media service.  A listener asks about what type of hard drive should be used to back up a PC.  We recommend using multiple hard drives to back up their data, and at least a 1 TB hard drive, or a backup "cloud" service like Carbonite for personal use.  Police in Florida seek Amazon Alexa speaker recordings in a murder case. A caller seeks a way to move his Windows 7 backup to a new Windows 10 computer, and a recommendation for a good computer for use in photography/photo editing.